Monday, 21 March 2011

Waterfall Lodge

Located within one of the valleys in the resort, Waterfall Lodge has several self sufficient units nestled within the canopy of the rainforest.

The third waterfall supplying the main river is just beside the lodges. You can hear the soothing sound of the waterfall from the lodge.

The river is at the doorstep of this unit.

Looking out from the balcony, you can see the river passing through the valley.

The access bridge to the lodges gives you a very good view of the river from the top.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Laut Torrent Frog

This is the typical habitat of the Laut Torrent Frog. This is the stream that flows from the waterfall at Waterfall Lodge to the main river. It is lined with native flora comprising mainly of ferns, moss and some yam plants.

The Laut Torrent Frogs emerge at about dusk and you can hear their chirps as they get active through the night. They also like to congregate in pairs, sitting on leaves just above the water.

The view of the habitat of the Laut Torrent Frogs at night and in the day time

A pair of torrent frogs sitting on a leave overhanging the fast flowing stream water below.


Once the sun goes down, you can hear the crickets sing. This picture of a cricket 'singing' by rubbing its pair of wings together was taken at the waterfall lodge

Native Flora - Plant with purple flowers

This plant is a native of the region. When we first cleared the land for development, this plant was one of the first plants to settle down on the disturbed land. It was intentionally cleared away from the resort by the development. However, we managed to preserve the last few specimens on the resort and are in the process of integrating it back into the landscape of the resort.

Fungi In The Forest


This is a common sighting in the forest trek. These millipedes are about 10-15 cm long and are not afraid to be handled. Always a crowd puller for any forest trek group.

Another interesting millipede is this 5cm long species that curls up into a round ball when disturbed.

Crown Of Thorns (Euphorbia Milli) Moth Caterpillar